The Bulletproof Diet In Bullet Points

The Bulletproof Diet In Bullet Points

The Bulletproof Diet In Bullet Points 150 150 Pocket Health

If you’ve been seeing your friends’ social media posts about putting butter in their coffee, don’t be so surprised. Bulletproof coffee, as they call it, is but one component of the Bulletproof Diet.

Created by twenty-something Silicon Valley tech whiz David Asprey, it was something he needed to do to help him keep his obesity in check. (He once weighed 300 lbs and has since lost 100 lbs!) Warned by many doctors about the serious health risks he was facing, Asprey tried everything from The Atkins Diet to the Paleo Diet, low-carb, high-protein diets and everything in between. When nothing worked for him, he attempted to “hack” his own system in order to find a meal plan that would work specifically for his body – both mentally and physically.

The result? An intricate yet easy-to-follow plan that focused on a diet high in saturated fat. Believe it or not, saturated fat is said to be good for the liver, helps boosts the immune system and helps repair your body tissues. As Asprey says in his book The Bulletproof Diet, it’s the quality of the fat you eat, not the quantity. Not exactly sure how that could work? Here is his Bulletproof Diet outlined in bullet points.

  • This research-based diet is designed to reduce body fat, enhance mental performance and prevent disease, while leaving you feeling full and energized.
  • The main rule of thumb: Sourcing 50-60% of your daily calories from healthy fats such as avocados, coconut oil, and grass-fed or pastured animals; 20% from protein and the remaining 20-30% from fruits and vegetables. (Remember to replace sugar-filled fruits like bananas, oranges and grapes with low-sugar ones like blueberries.)
  • It is highly suggested that you get your first dose of saturated fat first thing in the morning (Bulletproof Coffee with butter or coconut oil) to give you a stable current of energy and boost your metabolism by up to 12%.
  • There are no hard rules on calorie count and measurement. You can eat until you feel full and the body will take care of the rest. This is assuming you choose only food that is good for you.
  • The Bulletproof Diet is arranged into a spectrum of vegetables, oil and fats, protein and fruits and starch so you can choose how “hardcore” you want to be.
  • The Bulletproof Diet requires intermittent fasting where you must eat all your meals in a span of 8 hours and fast the rest of the time. This signals the body to simultaneously burn fat, build muscle and improve brain functions.
  • The Bulletproof Diet also requires that you do a Protein Fast where you must not consume any protein for one day a week. This is believed to cleanse your inner cells, reduces inflammation and kick starts weight loss.